The atelier KR started its activity in 2006 under the name M2R, with office in Lagoa de Albufeira, Sesimbra. 
 After 3 years, with the opening of a new space in Santana, we decide to renew our image and consequently the respective name.
 Our activity is set, mainly, for the design and preparation of projects in the field of architecture, however we also provide consultancy in the scope of the activity.
 The activity of the atelier KR is complemented by the partnerships established in the area of the construction, specialties and certifications, thus making available to the client a complete service from the conception of the idea to its implementation.


Our project philosophy is based on a functionalist organicist concept.
Three inseparable components are always present when designing any project developed by the studio: the Place, the Intervention and the Client.
The Place, because none is the equal to the previous one. Making the integration of the Intervention only.
The Intervention, because it is she that will be going to interconnect the Client with the Place.
The Client, because it is to him that the Intervention will serve and because it is he that will experience the Place and the Intervention.
The constant conciliation of these three components makes each project unique and personalized.

In this way, we guarantee the project conception since his prior study phase to the project of implementation, giving answer to the intentions, necessities and restrictions of the client, advising him during the phases of prior study, project base, project of implementation and construction support.


We are a young team willing to do more and better, with ambition and total dedication to the projects that are handed to us.
Our first concern is with the Client and his satisfaction. Never forgetting the quality of our projects and services.

The atelier was created based on the desire to project quality and current design interventions integrated into their environment, to improve the urban image of the country.
Our architectural solutions range from traditional architecture to the contemporary, as well as the metamorphosis of both.

We believe that, more than never, the multidisciplinary teams and companies are the most able to cope with the increasingly demanding market.

Cátia Martins Ruivo | Architect